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Axes - S/T
Buy this if you like Baroness!

Beneath The Wheel - Resignation Day
Metallic hardcore newcomers from Ibenbüren. Think of Harms Way.

Bluesbreaker - Chain Gang
Hardcore with a stoner vibe

Cornered / Last Dayz - Split
You know what to expect! Europe's toughest!

Deathrow - 100%
Streetwise NYHC from Poland

Demonwomb - Cursed
Heavy Thrash-Metal riffage from Austria

Disapproval - El Monte Youth Authority
Very rough and Lo-Fi NYHC from California

Goldust / Curbbite - Split
Black metalish hardcore meets powerviolence

Goldust / Juggernaut - Split
Black meets thrash metal

Hard To Breath - Grey Sky Above Our Eyes
Modern Life Is War-Fans from Poland

Identity - Planet Crusher
Metallic hardcore pretty much like Leeway or Cro Mags

Iron To Gold - The Power Of One
NYHC like Leeway

Last Dayz - No Future
Groovy and mosh-laden NYHC from Poland

Powerplay - Roar Of The Streetdogz
The soundtrack to your next visit at the gym. From the Ukraine!

Reality Check - The World On My Shoulders
Again classic NYHC. Again from Poland.

Remember - Feeding Problems
Fast and harthitting yet "modern" hardcore

Sundowning - Of Aging Stones and Rotting Leaves
Slow, doomy Hardcore

Work For It - No Escape
Another NYHC-newcomer from Poland

Worms Feed - Black Snow
Dark and angry hardcore in the holy terror-vein

V/A - Very cool and very core
Polish compilation with Outbound, ThugxLife, Reality Check, Last Dayz, Desperate Times, Stoneheart

10"es and LPs

Allocation - Corvus Corax, Corvus Corone (10")
90s technical hardcore

Animal Instinct - Unfinished Business
Back to the basics NYHC from Switzerland

Avalanche - Among Beasts
The demo on vinyl. Stoner-hardcore you already know from their 7" on worship

Deathrite - Into Extinction
Second LP of this Grind-Crust-Hardcore outfit.

Dull Eyes - War Anthems (10")
Southern Rock influenced Hardcore from the Rhineland

State Of Mind - Knowledge Of Self
Rocking mid-tempo hardcore from the Netherlands

Lose The Life - The End Of Comformity
Fast, straight forward, no bullshit hardcore from Sweden

Tapes and Zines

Ages - Sleep On It
Melodic hardcore / pop punk from the US

Hexis - XI
Black Metal from Copenhagen

Infiltration - Demo 2012
South german newcomers. Fast and raw hardcore.

The Lowest - Demo
Dark and heavy hardcore from Poland.

Soulground - Demo
Dark mosh-hc from Berlin.

No Apologies
Nice personal zine on doing shows. With some really nice pictures and a Praise-interview